About Nonna

"Say hi to Nonna"

Nonna is a Portuguese jewelry brand that combines classic and modern in its essence. We believe in the timelessness of fashion and in its cyclical aspect, as well as in the power of small details. Created in 2023, in a rebranding process of Lawi brand who needed to take the next step and grow, thus being reborn as Nonna.

Nonna means grandma in Italian, and for us it represents eternity.
The eternity of a moment, the eternity of an emotion, the eternity of a memory.
And as a brand of jewelry that's our main goal - to create great memories & be part of unforgettable moments.

To accomplish that our jewelry it’s all produced with stainless steel, in order to guarantee their quality and resistance - thus transforming our accessories into pieces that can accompany you today, tomorrow and always.

“Our path to a better world”

At Nonna we are committed to environmental awareness and we follow a zero-plastic policy, all our packaging is made of cardboard - our packaging is designed to be reused, cardboard boxes and velvet bags are suitable for storing jewelry and our shipping boxes are manufactured with FSC® certification*. We are also attentive to the reduction of our footprint and we have created minimalist packaging, with as little waste as possible and we encourage our customers to recycle or reuse its components.

We are also committed to the quality of our pieces and their durability and, once again, to the mission to reduce our footprint - we believe that less is more and we are fans of quality over quantity. Aligned with this vision is the choice of material with which we work - stainless steel - a sustainable metal, extremely durable, not harmful or toxic to the environment.

*The FSC® mark guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no wood is cut beyond what the forest can produce. This means better protection of fauna and flora, and that all foresters are properly trained, wear safety equipment and receive a decent wage.